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Pinosity describes a potentially serious malady, an unnatural absorption in a single red grape variety – Pinot Noir. Like curiosity, virtuosity and grandiosity, Pinosity can be the refuge of the obsessive, the eccentric who can no longer enjoy a dinner without remarking about a particular Pinot’s total acidity, terroir or tannin level. But Pinosity is also for the amateur, the recreational wine lover who stumbles across a fabled Burgundy or a young Tasmanian varietal – a genuine explorer. Growing, making, discovering and drinking the perfect Pinot Noir is not a journey which is completed in a year or two. Welcome to the Holy Grail of wine and the contagion which is Pinosity.


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Pinot in Numbers

120 Calories in a 150 ml glass of Pinot Noir
Grams of fat in a 150 ml glass of Pinot Noir
117000 Hectares of Pinot Noir grown internationally
17 Ideal serving temperature (°C) for Pinot Noir